Jerzy Zawadzki
CTO, Polcode


Rebuild or Refactor?

Moving forward from black-box legacy systems.
CTO perspective

Duration 50 minutes

What will you learn?

In this webinar, our CTO will help you understand how to deal with legacy IT systems. Such systems often resemble a black box that everyone is afraid to touch. Here's the detailed agenda:

  • Maintain your sanity, not legacy systems
    Instead of feeling bad about not delivering on time, learn how to take a proactive approach towards diagnosing legacy systems, the issues, and how to strategize ahead.
  • Learn all the warning signs of old code killing business
    Are you building up technical debt? Symptoms like bugs, slow feature releases, incompatibility and missed opportunities are all signs that you need to perform an upgrade.
  • Know how to convince others of legacy upgrades
    Jerzy will walk you through how to measure the efficiency gain from refactoring older systems, allowing you to convince others to upgrade or migrate from legacy systems.
  • See why you should refactor over a complete rewrite
    Your legacy code is the treasure chest of knowledge and ideas, so throwing it away completely is almost never the right idea. Refactoring lets you incrementally get out of legacy hell.
  • Plan, make progress and track results
    Learn the tried and tested steps of the good refactoring process and make sure you have good benchmarks to measure your progress against.

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Meet the host

Jerzy Zawadzki

Polcode CTO is our host. He has over 10 years of experience in updating legacy systems on PHP (Symfony, Laravel) and Magento for companies worldwide. Connect with him on LinkedIn!